In 2020-2021, a deep reconstruction and new construction with an increase in production capacity was carried out at PJSC "NIZHYNSKIY ZHYRKOMBINAT".
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JSC "Ukrgasbank"
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JSC "Ukreximbank"
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International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
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International Finance Corporation - IFC
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As part of the reconstruction and new construction, the following has been done:
  • The process of receiving raw materials (sunflower, soybeans, rapeseed) has been optimized to ensure the acceptance of raw materials up to 2,500 tons / day by building a new auto-weighing truck for 80 tons with a length of 22 m; new raw materials laboratory; installation of an automatic grain sampler on the rail "COBRA 4012 Standard", modernization of the raw material acceptance department (4 points of acceptance).

  • The process of cleaning and drying seeds has been modernized by installing equipment for cleaning seeds, separators SPO, BSKh-200 and LUCH, before drying and feeding to the silos of the seed storage, reconstruction of transport equipment, to ensure the quality of storage of raw materials and, therefore, to ensure the quality of finished products.
  • The process of storage of seeds was ensured by the construction of a new modern elevator (consumable storage) on the basis of 4 metal silos manufactured by Variant Agro Bud LLC with a one-time storage volume of 100,000 m3, which is equal to 40,000 tons of storage for sunflower seeds (65,000 tons of rapeseed, or 75,000 tons of soybean seeds).

  • The process of inputting raw materials into production and finished products was modernized by installing new transport mechanisms with a total length of more than 1 km - produced by Zernovaya Stolitsa Group of Companies, construction of new and modernization of existing transport galleries;
  • The production capacity of the crumbling section was increased to 1000 tons of seeds per day through the construction of a workshop and the installation of new RVO equipment produced by PJSC "Khorolsky Mechanical Plant";
  • The process of preparing seeds for pressing has been modernized by installing two new roller machines and carrying out the reconstruction of the transport elements of the press department. Also, new crushing roller machines for processing soybeans were installed.

  • The production capacity of the press department was increased to 1000 tons of seeds per day by modernizing the department and installing a new press and brazier produced by TAN Chernigov LLC, as well as new transport equipment;
  • The process of oil purification and filtration was modernized by modernizing the workshop and installing new equipment manufactured by TAN LLC and KSV-Technologies private enterprise;

  • A new process was introduced - hydration (purification) of oil with the installation of a lecithin drying line to improve the quality of the oil, reduce the amount of fuse in the oil and release an additional product - food phosphatide concentrate (lecithin).
  • The husk granulation process was modernized by installing a new line, manufactured by ICK Group, which ensures the required productivity and quality of finished products, tanks for storing granulated husk and shipment to auto and railway transport.

  • A new production process was introduced - meal granulation, through the construction of a new meal granulation workshop and installation of a new line, produced by ICK Group with the aim of producing an export product - granulated meal.
  • An elevator was built - a storage warehouse for granulated meal with a storage capacity of 5,000 tons on the basis of 4 metal cone silos produced by PJSC "Kharlovsky Machine Plant";

  • A new 4000m³ tank was built for storing oil, produced by LLC "AKIM", and a new pumping station to ensure the required volume of storage and shipment of oil.
  • The process of shipment of finished products has been modernized by building new railway tracks with a total length of more than 1 km (4 railway lines) with the installation of new railway scales.

  • An indoor workshop for automated loading simultaneously for 8 railway tanks for oil and for 8 railway grain carriers for meal was built to ensure prompt shipment of finished products.
  • The process of accounting for products in the production process has been modernized by automating accounting and installing new scales for oil, meal, husk.

  • The modernization of the boiler house was carried out in order to optimize its operation, reduce fuel (husk) consumption and, accordingly, reduce atmospheric emissions.

  • Reconstruction of power supply networks was carried out, including the construction of a new power transmission line (35 kW) with a length of 4 km, a new 35/10 kW substation for 4 MW, three new 10/04 kW substations - to ensure the reliability of power supply due to the transition from the second to the first class of energy consumption.

  • Reconstruction of the entire infrastructure - engineering networks, landscaping of the plant territory, laying of concrete and asphalt roads - more than 12 thousand sq. meters, construction of a storm water drain (more than 1.5 km), a fire water pipeline (more than 1.5 km) and an automatic fire extinguishing system.
The implementation of all of the above and other measures for the modernization of the "Nezhinsky Fat Plant" made it possible to reach the planned qualitative and quantitative indicators of work - processing up to 1000 tons of raw materials (sunflower seeds) per day.