Compliance Procedure
In order to complete the verification procedure, please download 2 KYC forms, fill them out and upload them with the other documents listed below:

  • An extract from the Commercial Trade Register less than 6 months old* or equivalent company registration documents confirming the existence of your organization, registered office, country of incorporation/domicile and list of directors or equivalent authorized persons;
*If the Commercial Trade Register Extract is not dated, a certified copy must be provided, which includes a lawyer's or notary's certification that the provided Extract is less than 6 months old.

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association or equivalent articles of incorporation certified within the last six months and confirming the nature and scope of your business transactions and any restrictions on the type of transactions you may enter into

  • Copies of passports or government-issued national ID cards of all beneficial owners holding 10% or more; and

  • Confirmation of the authority of the signature of the authorized representative who signed this questionnaire.

  • Financial statements and tax declarations for the last reporting period and year

All submitted documents must be of high quality, in color and in English (or together with an English translation, if possible).

Please, use the following files name format: CompanyName_DocumentType (i.e. Amazon_OwnerID)